Finished with Edits

The edits I’ve been working on for Blood Falls are finished at last. It’s another round of someone else editing my work next, but I finally feel good about the novella. It’s hard to explain what it is about writing that is so difficult. Story isn’t the issue, plot, words. All of that can come... Continue Reading →

Things in the works

2017 is off to a rip-roaring start. I’ve finished and am in the middle of the edits for Blood Falls, which will be one of the stories in the Tales from the Hollow book that Cecile Tellier and I are creating. Fey Hollow is a town settled neatly on a mystical convergence, within its borders... Continue Reading →

Things in the works

So many things I've got in process. It's a bad choice in some ways. Though I can't curb the part of my nature that is incapable of settling on a single story.  I am working on updating my webpage, and giving it a new look. The hardest part has been been figuring out what I... Continue Reading →

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