Apparently...I'm a rebel. At least a NaNoWriMo rebel, because instead of starting a brand spanking new novel on November first, I decided to work on finishing one that has been on the back burner for about six months. It was a good choice because in 2 days I went from having less than 2k additional... Continue Reading →


All Hallows’ Eve is upon us.

All Hallows Eve is upon us, or at least, it will be when tomorrow dawns. I’m endlessly fascinated by the concept of the veil between the worlds, and the idea that it is thinnest at this moment in time. It certainly feeds the fire of my imagination. It is also the Celtic new year. Another... Continue Reading →

SO I haven't talked much about this here, but it's only three days until Tempted and Tantalizing in Staten Island. I'll be there along with a bunch of other wonderful authors including my partner in crime Cecile Tellier. We'll be signing copies or our Tales from the Hollow. Come visit us! Fae

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